Our Story

This beach resort in Sri Lanka, Wattura Resort & Spa is
one of Sri Lanka's leading family luxury boutique hotels, nestled between Waikkal beach and the Gin Oya estuary in its own cul-de-sac.



Essential to life in all forms, Wattura, the Sinhala term for water, surrounds and passes through our resort.

Ethos of Wattura

Wattura Resort & Spa offers luxury and privacy to families and couples who are looking for a serene escape. Elements of luxury and privacy are pushed to the extreme to ensure guests experience the best of both worlds, from a dedicated butler service to private dining bays.

Design of Wattura

Wattura Resort & Spa blend traditional Sri Lankan architecture with a hint of modernity, with the use of reclaimed columns in the suites and reused clay tiles on each of the roofs, we have adopted an intelligent design throughout our property.